Research Groups

Research groups registered with the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq):

Auditing Studies Group – NEAUD
Leaders: Prof. Dr. Luiz Alberton
Prof. Dr. Alex Mussoi Ribeiro

Accounting and Controllership Studies Group – NECC
Leaders: Prof. Dr. José Alonso Borba
Profa. Dr. Suliani Rover

Environment and Accounting Studies Group – NEMAC
Leaders: Prof. Dr. Fabricia Silva da Rosa
Prof. Dr. Elisete Dahmer Pfitscher

Work and Teaching in Accounting Studies Group – NETEC
Leaders: Prof. Dr. Leonardo Flach
Prof. Dr. Marcos Laffin

Controllership and Management Control Systems Research Group – NUPEC
Leaders: Prof. Dr. Ilse Maria Beuren
Prof. Dr. Carlos Eduardo Facin Lavarda

Organizational Governance Research Group – NPGO
Leaders: Prof. Dr. Ernesto Fernando Rodrigues Vicente
Prof. Dr. Alex Mussoi Ribeiro

Cost Management Group – GGC
Leaders: Prof. Dr. Altair Borgert
Prof. Dr. Fernando Richartz

Leaders: Prof. Dr. Rogério João Lunkes
Prof. Dr. Valdirene Gasparetto

Management and Performance Evaluation Research Group
Leaders: Prof. Dr. Sandra Rolim Ensslin
Prof. Dr. Sergio Murilo Petri

Sustainability and Governance Observatory
Leaders: Prof. Dr. Hans Michael Van Bellen
Prof. Dr. Luiz Felipe Ferreira